Getting Involved. Want to know more?

Below are 5 ways in which you could be involved in the work of CLC:

1. Short-term work is an ideal opportunity for those who want to spend a specific length of time serving God before moving on to other things, maybe as part of a gap year before university, or those who would like to experience the work before making a long term commitment.
2. Full-time work is available to those who sense God's calling to commit themselves to a longer term serving Him.
3. Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds: from students working after school, school-leavers, retirees, to motthers whose children are at school and whoever has some spare time. They generally help at their local centre at a regular time each week and their contribution to our work is invaluable.
4. Pray for the work of CLC in your country and around the world.  Contact us for details about how to receive news for prayer
5. Become a Financial Partner with us. At any given time there are many ongoing projects that require financial support.  
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