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Help us solve the Christian literature famine

Many third world countries are suffering today from famine that you may never have heard of before. They are experiencing a famine of Christian literature and other needed Christian resources. There is a spiritual hunger in these countries and a growing Christian population with very little spiritual food to meet the demand.

Why is this?

Even though many of these countries speak and read English as a national or trade language, economic conditions are the barrier. Christians in these countries cannot afford books at first world prices. In addition, many of these countries charge high tariffs and other import taxes on Christian products. As a result all the Christian products that are currently available are overpriced for the majority of the population to afford.

Can you imagine spending a month's wages to buy a Bible?

CLC's Christian Book Link is a unique ministry designed to help solve this problem and end the famine of Christian resources in majority world countries.

Here's how it works:

  • We collect good quality used Christian books at our USA warehouse.
  • These books are provided by individuals and churches that partner with us.
  • We accept donations from publishers and Christian book clubs of new Christian books and Bibles.
  • Our team sorts, packs and ships these materials to CLC locations in all parts of the majority world including India, the islands of the Pacific Rim and the Caribbean.
  • They are then sold for prices that local Christians can afford and many more people will have access to these needed resources.
  • The money raised from sales is used to cover part of the cost of shipping for future donations of books and Bibles.

How can you help?

  • Be a CLC point person in your church and establish a CLC Christian BookLink collection program.
  • Donate funds for shipping these books and Bibles.
  • Volunteer to help sort, pack and ship these vital resources worldwide.
  • Become a CLC Prayer Partner and pray that God would use these resources to transform lives around the world.
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