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This project is now fully funded! Praise the Lord! 


Your purchases at CLC bookshops and online store help us to distribute Bibles, Christian books and resources in 48 countries worldwide. THANK YOU! 

However, access to these resources is not as easy in some places as it is in most Western countries.

Just try for a moment to imagine your life, and your Christian journey, without a Bible! 

There is a huge need for Bibles in a number of Spanish-speaking countries. 

At the moment, CLC International is raising funds for the CLC Spanish Bible Project. In particular, there’s a huge need for affordable Bibles in Venezuela, Bolivia and Spain! These three countries have been severely affected by the economic crisis and/or political and social turmoil. Printing and purchasing even an economic Bible in these countries is often a financial burden, precisely at a time that the Word of God needs to be distributed widely. In particular, CLC is still able to get Christian books and Bibles into Venezuela, which is going from one crisis to another. The time to act is now. 

CLC International wants to encourage spreading God’s Word in these countries through the CLC Spanish Bible Project that will make the Bible very accessible for everyone. This important project will also help to sustain the CLC ministry in these countries. The goal is to print a total of 45.000 economical Bibles in Spanish to promote and facilitate evangelism (20,000 for Venezuela, 5,000 for Bolivia and 20,000 for Spain). 

The estimated budget for this important and ambitious project, including printing and shipping costs is £59,000 GBP (€67,000 or $77,000 USD). 

How can you help?

We invite you to pray for this need and then consider helping us by donating to make this project become a reality. Each Bible costs only £1.30 GBP (€1.50 or $1.70 USD). Perhaps you or your church could donate the equivalent of just 1 or 10, or even 1,000 Bibles! 

Thank you for helping CLC International spread the Word of God in Venezuela, Bolivia and Spain!

Help us make this a reality!

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