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Italy: book signing in Turin

News Item Date: 23/04/2010 10:25:18
A well known Italian football player, Nicola Legrottaglie, will be signing his second book Cento Volte Tanto (As Many as One Hundred Times) in the CLC Turin bookshop on April 28th. His first book, Ho Fatto una Promessa, translated ‘I Made a Promise’, has sold over 100,000 copies in Italy and now a pocket edition has been released. Nicola, who plays for Juventus, has been interviewed many times on national television and gives a very clear testimony. Pray that this second book will be used to introduce many Italians to Jesus, as well as inform them about Nicola’s life and faith.

CLC Italy announced the book signing on Facebook and within a few days over 1,100 people had responded one way or another – not all of them will attend the book signing of course but a lot of people now know about it! Please pray for Samuele Di Ruocco and Luigi Gravina, the CLC Turin shop staff, as they prepare for this busy day!
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