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Political unrest in several CLC countries

News Item Date: 31/05/2010 16:00:01
Please pray for CLC in countries which have recently experienced violence or political unrest:

Jamaica - Earlier this week a state of emergency was declared in the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrews. There has been renewed unrest here with over 70 people reported killed and many injured in the past few days. The CLC Kingston bookshop is very near the area most affected. Pray for a swift resolution to the problem and the restoration of law and order. Pray that CLC can shine the light of Jesus in the midst of this.

Romania – There is great unrest in Romania due to proposed reductions in pensions and salaries by up to 25%. Thousands of people have rallied this week in Bucharest asking the government not to go ahead with these reductions. There is a country-wide strike planned for the 31st of May, by all the unions, for an indefinite time. Pray for a peaceful resolution to this difficult situation.

– Thank you for praying. The political unrest is improving and the overnight curfew is scheduled to be removed this week in Bangkok. People in Bangkok have been reluctant to go out and for a two-week period not one customer visited the shop! CLC Chiang Mai also has suffered as book orders from Bangkok have been delayed and they need to help cover costs as Bangkok is obviously struggling financially. Please keep praying!
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