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News Item Date: 04/06/2013 11:44:30
CLC Canada has grown this year – in fact it has doubled the number of bookshops in Montreal, and the surrounding area, in the past three months!
Not only did they move their main bookshop from Westmount to Verdun in March 2013, they then opened a new bookshop in Brossard, with a small warehouse facility alongside it. More recently, they opened another new shop - CLC Est. Add to this the shop they already have in Ahuntsic, they now have a total four bookshops.In addition, Oscar Cardoso took over from Rod Fowler as National Director just as all these changes were starting to take place.Despite the major activity in the first half of 2013, it has taken a couple of years of planning and praying before all this wonderful growth could finally blossom.Looking at photos of the new bookshops, it certainly seems it has all been worth the wait and the effort. Congratulations CLC Canada.
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